Tax Incentives

Are Your Analytical Costs Tax Deductible?

For almost 30 years Surface Science Western (SSW) has been the Canadian authority on surface analysis, providing expert advice and solutions to its clients. To further assist you, we have forged a partnership with R&D Funding Management Inc. (RDFM) in Mississauga, Ontario. RDFM is a leading provider of consulting services focused on government funding. This strategic partnership is designed to help you recover a significant portion of your analytical costs via Canada Revenue Agency’s SR&ED tax incentive program.

The SR&ED program offers Canadian controlled private companies tax credits for research and development. A wide range of projects is eligible, not just basic research. Costs associated with developing new materials, devices, products, processes, or even finding solutions to recurring process problems, may be eligible. Depending on the nature of the costs incurred on a project, a typical rebate would be on the order of 35%.

Most of the industrial issues that SSW has resolved for its clients would be eligible for the SR&ED tax incentive. Whenever you would like to find if the work you conducted at SSW satisfies the requirements of the program, RDFM can provide an initial assessment with no upfront costs. RDFM works on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay once you receive the credit. Thus, there is no risk and no cost to a company that does not meet the SR&ED criteria.

A crucial step to the success of your claim is preparing an appropriately written scientific argument explaining your work with SSW as research project(s). RDFM’s expert science advisors can prepare the necessary documentation, as well as file and amend your company’s tax return. Their extensive client base consists of a broad range of companies in various industry sectors such as energy, mining, health, automotive, environmental, electronics and plastics.

As a result of this agreement, SSW is able to offer you the opportunity to work with the skilled professional team at RDFM to maximize the success of your application, while minimizing the financial impact on your business.

Whenever you would like to find if your job submission to SSW fits the criteria of the SR&ED program and if the costs could be partially recovered, please contact Brad Kobe; he would be pleased to assist you in contacting RDFM.