Client Care Approach

Surface Science Western offers you a more consultative approach that includes direct interaction and dialogue with one of our team’s professionals.

This value-added approach ensures that your needs are clearly understood and met. It also ensures that you are receiving the best advice available, helping you to better understand and act upon your business challenges and opportunities.

Our ISO 17025:2017 certification ensures that you will obtain high quality results within the shortest period of time.  We routinely look for ways to improve quality and efficiency and measure and monitor our output in order to exceed your expectations.  A full written report, all data generated, interpretation of the data and a discussion of the results are provided to each client.  Our knowledge and experience in a vast array of industry sectors, interpretation skills and aiding customers in finding solutions equate to hundreds of repeat clients.


Surface Science Western ensures the complete security of your project. If required, we have standard confidentiality agreements, or we can tailor documentation to fit your individual needs. Most instruments are in separate rooms to provide a private working environment for both client and analyst. We are an unbiased organization, and are not affiliated with any private company or research network.
Our goal is to meet your needs quickly, completely, and confidentially.