Dr. Stamen Dimov

Dr. Stamen Dimov

Senior Research Scientist,
Adjunct Research Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

I am a Senior Research Scientist at Surface Science Western, Western and an Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Western. Over the last 25 years I have been supervising and conducting basic and applied research on the development and implementation of laser- and ion beam-based techniques and systems for a broad range of applications, from surface analysis to trace element analysis and medical research.

Current research activities:

At present, my research interests are mainly focused on the application of micro beam analytical techniques for the needs of the mining industry. More specifically, the techniques I am working with are as follows:

  • Laser mass spectrometry: time-of- flight laser ionization mass spectrometry (TOF-LIMS) and time-of-flight resonance ionization mass spectrometry (TOF-RIMS).
  • Time-of-flight secondary ionization mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS)
  • Secondary ionization mass spectrometry (dynamic SIMS)

By utilizing a variety of complementary micro beam techniques we are able to address various problems related to the mineral processing industry, from characterization of ore deposits to optimization of metallurgical operations and improving recovery of precious metals. Our research objectives are to broaden the range of such applications based on feedback from our clients and research partners from the mining industry, and successfully commercialize them as routine diagnostic tools.

Selected publications:

  • C. Lu, X.K. Hu, S.S. Dimov and R.H. Lipson, “Controlling large-scale film morphology by phase manipulation in interference lithography”, Applied Optics, 46, 7202- 7206 (2007).
  • S.S. Dimov and S.L. Chryssoulis, “A comparative study on detection of organic surface modifiers on mineral grains by TOF-SIMS, VUV SALI TOF-SIMS and VUV SALI with laser desorption”, Applied Surface Science, 231-232, 528-532 (2004).
  • S.L. Chryssoulis and S.S. Dimov, “Optimized conditions for selective gold flotation by TOF-SIMS and TOF-LIMS”, Applied Surface Science, 231-232, 265-268 (2004).
  • S.S. Dimov, S.L. Chryssoulis and R.H. Lipson, “Quantitative elemental analysis for rhodium and palladium in minerals by time-of-flight resonance ionization mass spectrometry”, Analytical Chemistry, 75, 6723-6727 (2003).
  • S.S. Dimov, S.L. Chryssoulis and R.H. Lipson, “A time-of-flight resonance ionization mass spectrometer for elemental analysis of precious metals in minerals”, Review of Scientific Instruments, 73, 4295-4306 (2002).