Dr. Mark Biesinger

Dr. Mark Biesinger

Adjunct Research Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Mark C. Biesinger is the director of Surface Science Western (Western University), Canada’s leading surface analysis and materials characterization facility. Mark is an internationally recognized expert in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). He has several seminal and highly-cited publications in the field which focus on improvements in both sample analysis and data interpretation techniques, particularly in the analysis of transition metals. Mark also authors and maintains the X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Reference Pages, a repository of techniques, tips and reference materials designed to help XPS users worldwide. He is author or co-author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications. He has extensive experience with SSW’s wide range of surface analysis and materials characterization techniques including 25+ years of experience operating and maintaining various XPS, SEM/EDX, optical microscopes, and static and ToF-SIMS instruments.

In 2020, Mark was awarded Fellow of the International Association of Advanced Materials, in 2021, the Vebleo Scientist Award, and in 2022, the American Vacuum Society – Applied Surface Science Division Peter M.A. Sherwood Mid-Career Professional Award. Mark is also listed on Stanford’s World’s Top 2% Scientists List (2018-2023). He serves as Secretary-Treasurer for the Division of Surface Science of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

Current Research Activities:

Contact Dr. Biesinger for specifics on studies currently funded/ongoing.

  • XPS methodology and applications development – various areas
  • ToF-SIMS / Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Other surface analysis related applications

Current Positions Open/Upcoming:

May 2024 to August 2025: SSW Internships (2 positions, Mineralogy Group, Automotive/Polymers Group)

2024 SSW Summer Research Fellowship (1 position – open)

2023 May: Joint MSc or Phd (Physics Dept.), XPS and other characterizations methodologies of Rare Earth Elements (REE) (1 position: Filled/Closed)

2023 SSW Summer Research Fellowship (2 positions: Filled/Closed)

May or September 2022: Joint MSc or PhD (Chemistry Dept.) position focusing on selected XPS methods developments and applications (Filled/Closed)

September 2022: Chemistry 4491 (4th Year Thesis Project – XPS and ToF-SIMS) (Filled/Closed)

2022 SSW Summer Research Fellowships (2 positions: Filled/Closed)


A full list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar Profile.