Industrial Solutions

Expertise across a range of industry sectors

Surface analysis is essential to understanding the performance and reliability of your materials and products, which can decrease costly returns, lead to new innovative processes, and ultimately create increased profitability for your company. SSW works with approximately 175 different companies in a given year, representing many sectors of the economy including, energy and nuclear, mineral resources, health services, automotive, aerospace, environmental and electronics. Because of this exposure to so many sectors and products, coupled with the diverse and varied backgrounds of our researchers, we can analyse nearly any surface with confidence.

A broad range of resources, expertise and analytical equipment is at your disposal.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Paint defect and adhesion failure analysis
  • Surface contamination and quality control issues
  • General surface analysis and materials characterization
  • Mineral chemistry and processing
  • Polymer modification


  • Corrosion and electrochemistry
  • Nuclear materials characterization
  • Green technologies
  • Metallurgy and failure analysis
  • Additive manufacturing

We routinely service the following industrial sectors:





Energy and Nuclear Power


Mining and Mineralogy

Medical and Health