Energy and Nuclear Power

Energy and Nuclear Power

Over the past four decades, SSW has worked closely with many of the leading energy and power generation giants, particularly from the nuclear industry. CANDU Owners Group (COG), Ontario Power Generation, Kinectrics, Bruce Power and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) have benefited from our expertise. The projects tend to be long-term and focus on corrosion-related studies in areas of steam generator tubing, pressure tubes, stainless steel tubing, and copper nuclear waste containers. SSW is licensed to handle and examine radioactive material.

We have also provided short-term material characterization and contamination evaluation of components such as zirconium fuel tubes, brazed joints and steam generator tubes. In addition to commercial work, SSW acts as a corrosion and nuclear materials teaching resource centre.

SSW has also been active in the research and development of green energy technologies including development of non-silicon-based solar cell, solar heating technologies, and battery cell technology.

Energy and Nuclear Power Solutions

  • Under-deposit corrosion of oxygen free phosphorus doped copper used for nuclear waste containers
  • Stress corrosion cracking of steam generator tubing
  • Characterization of oxide layer formation on steam generator tubing alloys
  • Evaluating hydrogen embitterment in zirconium-based alloys used in nuclear reactor applications
  • Submicron imaging of low level species that have segregated to grain boundaries in alloys
  • Metallographic analysis of next generation materials for steam generation applications
  • Analysis of surface contamination on zirconium fuel tubes
  • Green technology-based solar cells