Surface Science Western has worked closely with major medical companies for more than two decades. We have also participated in a large variety of medical-, dental- and health-related research studies, with an emphasis on materials characterization, contamination problems, new materials research and development, and imaging of biofilms and tissue.

Medical/Health Solutions

  • Imaging of rat brain cellular structures for autism research
  • Identifying defects or contaminants on medical device surfaces, including biopsy forceps, heart pumps, dental composites, stents, silicone implants, and catheters
  • Analysis of foreign materials in medical capsules
  • Verification of raw materials from suppliers
  • Imaging of developing rodent skulls for fetal alcohol syndrome research
  • Study of long-term stability of drugs on medical implants
  • Identification of biofilm contamination on surfaces
  • Study of self-assembled monolayers of octadecylphosphonic acid for molecular recognition of sensor applications and coating
  • Biomedical applications for green technology to graft specific chemical precursor molecules on polymers modified by hyperthermal hydrogen projectile bombardment
  • Studying the effects of filler particle concentration on the curing properties of dental composites
  • Imaging of bacterial colonies on catheters
  • Examination of wear on artificial knee and hip joints
  • Developmental studies of nano-silver antibacterial wound dressings
  • Imaging of insects and micro organisms