Surface Science Western (SSW)

Canada’s Premier Surface Analysis and Materials Characterization Facility

SSW is a research and consulting laboratory specializing in the analysis and characterization of surfaces and materials. Since its inception in 1981, SSW has successfully served a number of clients across a range of industry sectors, and in servicing a vast range of these clients, from small manufacturing facilities to industrial giants, SSW has garnered a solid reputation for quality, innovation, and timely service.

Fufu corrosion in cookware
Enjoying that Fufu? Investigating Corrosion in Cookware

Due to the global consumption of various foods, such as the West African food Fufu, there is a need to understand the role of cookware corrosion, so that the material choices for cooking can be improved to decrease the negative health risks from leeched metal ions.

SEM of Books
Shakespeare Exposed! SEM Imaging of Old Books

SSW Researchers wanted to test some novel samples inside the Large Chamber VP-SEM, so they imaged a whole book – a 1909 copy of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Mouse Head
Investigating a developing mouse skull using Micro-CT

Surface Science Western are using Micro-CT to image and analyze the bones and cartilages of developing mouse skulls to better understand skull development in normal and disrupted developmental conditions.

Lithium Ores
Digitizing Lithium Ores to Help Transition to a Green Future

Global lithium demand is skyrocketing as we transition to the mass adoption of green technology and a carbon neutral economy. Understanding the nature of lithium’s mineralization is vital for its effective extraction from ores and the ability to accurately estimate future deposits.

Low-Voltage FESEM Imaging of Biofilms

SSW used our field-emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) to image Shewanella Oneidensis on a carbon felt electrode at low accelerating voltages.

Characterizing the Marine Menace – Microplastics

When most people think of the source of the plastics in the environment, plastic bottles and litter are the first things that come to mind. However in actuality, many of the microplastics identified are tiny fibres from our clothes or small plastic beads from cosmetics, soaps, face washes and toothpastes.

Susanna Manuscript Study
Susanna’s Secret – A 12th Century German Palimpsest?

This 12th century 'Susanna and the Elders' medieval manuscript, dating from around 1125 in Germany, may have been a rare case of a "palimpsest". SSW researchers wanted to characterize this in detail.

Using Micro-CT in the Electronics Industry

SSW researchers are leveraging non-destructive methods, such as Micro-CT, to analyze and image sensitive electronics.

Compress Pillars
We are using an FE-SEM equipped with an in-chamber nano-indentor to compress tiny pillars

With the in-chamber nano-indentor attachment, SSW staff are squishing tiny micron sized pillars of metal inside of an FE-SEM… live, while we watch!

Mummy Teeth
SSW is working with Anthropology on 500 year old Mummies!

SSW researchers are working with members of the Anthropology department to look at the internal structures of 500 year old sacrificial virgin mummy teeth.

3D Printed
In-situ Compression Testing to Evaluate Responses of 3D Printed Elastomer Structures to Pressure

Surface Science Western are using Micro-CT to develop analytical approaches to understanding mechanical responses of 3D printed elastomer structures to compressive pressures.

SEM of Laundry Wastewater
Unravelling the Mysteries of Laundry Microplastic Pollution

Microfibers were studied from “real-world” laundry dryer lint screens and compared to microfibers found in laundry wastewater

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