Sample Preparation and Processing

Sample Preparation and Processing

Proper sample preparation is a key component to obtaining reliable results from our suite of advanced instrumentation. As such, SSW’s facilities include a wide variety of sample preparation, surface modification and processing equipment as well as a number of specialized sample treatment facilities.

Capabilities Include:

  • Sample sectioning using various dry and wet cutting tools
  • Precision sectioning using diamond saw
  • Metallographic mounting and polishing in cold epoxy or bakelite medium, conductive and non-conductive mounts
  • Etching of polished cross-sections using suitable etchants
  • Freeze fracture capability
  • UV/Ozone surface cleaning
  • Ultrasonic (wet) cleaning
  • Basic wet chemistry facilities
  • Basic glove box facilities
  • High temperature (1250 C) heat treating capability
  • Heat treating under various inert gases including hydrogen, argon and nitrogen
  • Dosing with water vapour at controlled pressure during heat treatment
  • Many of our surface analytical instruments are equipped with in-situ heating (up to 600 C) or cooling to liquid nitrogen temperatures
  • Super-Panner gravity separation table for mineral separation
  • Lab scale Ball Mill for ore milling
  • Nylon and Stainless Steel Sieve Sets (2mm – 38 micron sizing)

Selected Applications:

  • Microstructure evaluation
  • Grain size determination
  • Grain boundary composition/precipitation/segregation
  • Microhardness measurements
  • Coating thickness/porosity measurements
  • Surface oxidation and heating treatment experiments
  • Mineral ore milling and separation