Mining and Mineralogy

Mining and Mineralogy

We provide a variety of analytical services to the mining industry related to the discovery, characterization and processing of value minerals. Some of the areas SSW has established itself as a “go to place” for analytical services within the mineral processing sector include:

  • Determining the concentration and distribution of precious metals at low concentration levels (ppm-ppb range) in various mineral phases
  • Surface chemistry in relation to flotation selectivity: flotation scheme optimization and process control
  • Extraction technology: issues involved with sulphide oxidation in autoclaves and gold losses during leaching in response to preg-robbing by in situ organic material

Our strength is based not only on our expertise and state-of-the-art analytical equipment and techniques, but also on our commitment to and relationship with our clients. We engage in direct, person to person interactions with our clients and we strive to provide them with “one stop” solutions to their problems. We have established a partnership network with some of the best research facilities in the industry to provide comprehensive, in-depth services to our clients.

As a consulting and research laboratory, we are also actively involved in research and development for the mining industry. Part of our mission is to work together with our research partners from the mining industry to develop new applications and commercialize them as routine diagnostics tools.

For details on the various analytical techniques and instrumentation in direct relation to the mineral processing industry and the cost breakdown by services offered by SSW, please refer to the provided links below.