Surface Science Western (SSW) has worked closely with major automotive manufacturers, parts and coatings suppliers from the North American marketplace for almost three decades. Automobiles consist of hundreds, if not thousands, of components with their own unique manufacturing processes and material characteristics. SSW has gained expertise by examining many of the various components used on vehicles today, including aluminum alloy wheels, fuel system components, paint coatings (including paint defects and failures), metal plating, rubber door and window trim, electronic components and transmission parts.

SSW has a particular strength in analysing paint defects, paint craters and paint adhesion failures in automotive applications. Our success with solving automotive coating related problems from OEM’s across North America has saved them millions of dollars in reduced scrap, re-work of components, and paint line down-times.
SSW also understands the time constraints inherent in the automotive industry and provides expedited analysis turnaround to ensure you have answers as quickly as possible, within twenty-four hours of sample receipt, if necessary.
SSW also offers workshops and seminars on paint defect analysis as well as training for personnel.

Automotive Solutions