Surface Science Western has worked with leading manufacturers of electronic devices from Canada, USA and Asia, from small startups and prototyping facilities to tech giants. Much of our work has involved identifying residues and contaminants associated with the fabrication of microchips, photomasks and silicon wafers. We have also helped assemblers with quality control issues by examining solder joints, bonding wires, residue and contamination on PCBs.

Companies that are active in research and development have also benefited from SSW’s expertise, including evaluating prototype devices.

We are committed to helping you make your products better.

Electronics and Semiconductor Solutions

  • ToF-SIMS analysis of organic defects on photomask plates
  • Through-the-pellicle Raman analysis of haze defects
  • X-Ray analyses of IC MEMS chips
  • Analysis of process cleaning contaminants
  • Imaging of chromium patterning on 6” photomasks
  • Elemental analysis to determine the lead content of soldered joints
  • Examination of incomplete gold layer that provided a pathway for corrosion of copper contacts on PCBs
  • Ultra-shallow depth profiles of boron implants in silicon wafers
  • Imaging of multilayer GaAlAs wafers
  • X-Ray imaging of solder quality