Tribological Testing

Tribological Testing

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion, which includes the study of friction, wear and lubrication. The tribology  system at SSW can be used effectively for the tribological testing of a number of materials including metals, polymers and plastics, ceramics and composites, thin films and coatings, and biological specimens. This system can also be used to investigate the effect of lubricants, oils, and greases on wear and corrosion properties. This is a versatile modular system with interchangeable drives for specific applications. 


Bruker UMT Tribolab System


  • UMT-TL-BASE TriboLab base system containing
    • Integrated high speed/high torque tribology drive motor. Complete with motor driver and quick connect coupling
    • Maximum torque: >5Nm @100rpm, 2.5Nm @ 5,000rpm
    • Load/friction 2-Channel signal conditioner with up to 9 additional prewired channels for advanced sensors
    • Maximum lateral travel: 120 mm. Encoder resolution: 0.25 micron. Speed: 0.002 to 10 mm/s.
    • “Z” Upper specimen motorized vertical positioning system with position encoder
    • Maximum vertical travel: 150 mm. Encoder resolution: 0.5 µm. Speed: 0.002 to 10 mm/s
    • Maximum load 2,000 N
    • Built-in temperature controller with front display and a resolution of 0.1 deg C
  • Fast reciprocating (oscillating) linear drive (horizontal motion)
    • Stroke adjustable from 0.1mm to 25mm
    • Maximum speed: 60Hz@1mm, 40Hz@5mm, 35Hz@10mm, 30Hz@15mm, 25Hz@20mm, 20Hz@25 mm.
    • Includes liquid container for tribology tests in fluid & integrated sample holder for dry testing, 12 mL total volume.
    • Includes standard test sample and standard plate sample for installation
  • DFH-10G Friction/Load Sensor
    • 2-axis high-range friction/load sensor
    • Range: 1 to 100 N; resolution: 5.0 mN
    • Suspension and DFH rigid adapter
  • Tribo-Corrosion Kit: Electro-Chemical Module
    • For REC-Drive or L-Drive Only. Maximum load 20 N
    • Electrochemical cell, corrosion-resistant, electrically insulated
    • Three-electrode system: working electrode, reference (Ag/AgCl or SCE) and Pt-counter electrodes
    • Computer-controlled heating from room temperature up to 80 °C
    • Fast and easy replacement of liquids, samples, electrodes.
    • Terminals for connecting to potentiostat or power supply
    • Includes 5 mm ball holder with 3/16″ alumina balls