Sample Submission

Sample Submission and Return Process

Per our ISO 17025:2017 procedure an Analysis Request Form is required before we can proceed with analysis of any sample.
Prior to producing, selecting and shipping your analysis specimens, we encourage you to contact us to clarify your requirements and expectations from the analyses.
Sample size/amount required differs with technique; please contact our laboratory for instrument-specific requirements. If your specimens can be destroyed, then we can section the specimen to meet the desired dimension. Where possible, however, please section larger samples (i.e. bumpers, doors, hoods) prior to shipping to expedite the in-house analyses.
Samples and area(s) of analysis should be clearly marked and labelled.
Samples should be clean (i.e. free of fingerprints, dirt, debris), and wrapped separately to avoid cross-contamination.
Ensure that the material is secure and packaged to withstand transportation and handling.
If samples are of a hazardous nature (paints, solvents, et cetera), the package should be marked appropriately with the accepted international stencils and MSDSs provided.
Strict confidentiality on all client work is inherent with our service as an independent laboratory. Non-disclosure agreements, which are becoming part of standard business practice, will be signed upon request. Reports or copies of any laboratory document will only be sent to you, unless written authorization is provided.
Domestic Shipments
For traceability, it is recommended that you ship your samples by courier. For rush analyses, guaranteeing early morning delivery will facilitate your samples being processed the same day. The lab is open for sample receiving from 8:00 AM until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding University of Western Ontario holidays. With advance notice, after hours or alternate sample receipt arrangements can be made.
International Shipments
Because most samples are “defective”, we recommend indicating on the package, “Research samples being sent to consignee for testing; no commercial value”. A nominal value can be applied to your commercial invoice (required for all international shipments).
High value sample shipments (> $50.00) sent by courier companies and international postal services will be cleared through our customs brokers to facilitate processing through Canada Customs. The University’s broker charges a flat rate of $15.00 Canadian, plus 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) of the value of the shipment in CAD $. FEES FOR THIS SERVICE WILL BE BILLED TO THE CLIENT.
Returning Samples
Samples will be disposed of 60 days after completion of the analyses, unless sample return is requested on the Analysis Request Form or you have requested that we retain the samples. Sample return costs will be added to your invoice unless a courier account number (FedEx, DHL and Purolator only) is provided.
Our ability to return your specimens is dependent upon contracts negotiated by the University, limited shipping resources (e.g. lack of pallet trucks, strapping mechanisms) and available health and safety shipping certifications. On rare occasions, where your sample is of a certain dangerous goods designation or is oversized freight, we may be unable to return it.
Shipping Address
The University of Western Ontario
Surface Science Western
999 Collip Circle, Room LL31 (Lower), P.O. Box 12
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 0J3