Surface Science Western has worked closely with aircraft parts suppliers, Canadian aircraft manufactures and companies manufacturing space-based communication satellites. Typical manufacturing issues we have addressed include quality of raw materials, material analysis, integrity of coatings such as epoxy and paint systems, corrosion and wear.

Discretion and confidentiality are paramount

The security and confidentiality of your research or product are critical, that’s why Surface Science Western ensures the complete security of your project. Your proprietary assets, samples and documentation are stored in a secure environment and ISO procedures are implemented to guarantee chain of custody. Most instruments are in separate rooms to provide a private working environment for both client and analyst. If required, we have standard confidentiality agreements, or we can tailor documentation to fit your individual needs. We are an unbiased organization, and are not affiliated with any private company or research network.

Aerospace Solutions

  • Examination and identification of paint defects
  • AES of oxidation of airframe components
  • Surface evaluation of bearing surfaces
  • Evaluation of wear debris from bearing housing
  • Identification of residue on plated surfaces
  • Analysis of windscreen crazing
  • Fuel filter contamination assessment
  • Determination of coating adhesion issues on turbine engine components
  • Analysis of phosphate morphology and its impact on paint adhesion