Publication Highlight: Manipulating Li2S2/Li2S mixed discharge products of all-solid-state lithium sulfur batteries for improved cycle life

Congratulations to Heng-Yong Nie, SSW’s resident Tof-SIMS expert, on his recent coauthored Nature Communications publication. In this publication, the discharge products of all-solid-state Li-S batteries were probed using various spectroscopic techniques, with the intentions of designing a feasible strategy to improve their performance. Heng-Yong helped by determining the levels of...
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Publication Highlight: Investigating the structure of the oxide on Ni-Cr-Mo alloys while presenting a method for analysis of complex oxides using QUASES

We are thrilled to share a newly published peer-reviewed article by Adam Morgan, Ph.D. candidate supervised by Dr. James Noel, and in collaboration with several Surface Science Western (SSW) Scientists – Jeffrey D. Henderson, Brad Kobe, and Mark Biesinger. In this paper, Adam details the use of the Quantitative Analysis...
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