Characterizing the Marine Menace – Microplastics

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles (<5 mm in diameter) that have been found in every ocean and remote part of the planet. It’s widely known that microplastics are environmental pollutants that have drastic effects on animal life, but work is still being undertaken to understand its spread through various systems...
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Unravelling the Mysteries of Laundry Microplastic Pollution

To help unravel the mysteries of microplastic pollution in aquatic systems, SSW researchers are working with Juan Li and UWO’s Environmental Engineering department.
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See how SSW’s work is being utilized in the identification of microplastics in the environment using FTIR spectroscopy!

Our work with Ariel Smith through Coastal Action has been highlighted in CBC’s As it Happens and CBC News article. Also see our microplastics page on the characterization of microplastics by FTIR spectroscopy: www.surfacesciencewestern.com/industrial-solutions/characterizationmicroplastics/”
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