Congratulations Stamen on your retirement!

Dr. Stamen Dimov We are wishing one of our leading Research Scientists, Dr. Stamen Dimov, a “happy retirement”! After joining SSW in 2007, Stamen has been a has been a key innovator and leader for SSW’s mineral processing team. Over the years he has actively collaborated with industry and academic...
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SEM-Based UVD-CL Microscopy at SSW

Cathode-Ray Tube TVs and computer monitors utilize a special electromagnetic phenomenon known as cathodoluminescence (CL) to produce visible light on a fluorescent screen. This technology’s use in modern computers and TVs has been gradually phased out in favour of LED technology, but interestingly this phenomenon has been utilized as a...
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Digitizing Lithium Ores to Help Transition to a Green Future

Global lithium demand is skyrocketing as we transition to the mass adoption of green technology and a carbon neutral economy. Understanding the nature of lithium’s mineralization is vital for its effective extraction from ores and the ability to accurately estimate future deposits. SSW scientists are collaborating with Catriona Breasley, a Ph.D....
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