Publication Highlight: Study on the Self-Repairing Effect of Nanoclay in Powder Coatings for Corrosion Protection

Over the past several years, Dr. Marshall Yang has dedicated countless hours to training on and utilizing the advanced instrumentation and expertise available at Surface Science Western (SSW). During his tenure at SSW, Marshall used our field emission and tungsten filament scanning electron microscopy (FESEM / SEM), confocal laser scanning...
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Digitizing Lithium Ores to Help Transition to a Green Future

Global lithium demand is skyrocketing as we transition to the mass adoption of green technology and a carbon neutral economy. Understanding the nature of lithium’s mineralization is vital for its effective extraction from ores and the ability to accurately estimate future deposits. SSW scientists are collaborating with Catriona Breasley, a Ph.D....
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Engineers and Scientists unite! Two Ph.D. engineering students share their collaborative experiences at SSW

Marshall Yang and fellow student Jackson (Jinbao) Huang, two Ph.D. graduates from the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CBE) at Western University, would like to share their collaborative experiences at Surface Science Western (SSW). Marshall and Jackson were the lead researchers on a multi-year project studying the behaviours and...
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Using Micro-CT in the Electronics Industry

SSW researchers are leveraging non-destructive methods, such as Micro-CT, to analyze and image sensitive electronics. Integrated circuit (IC) micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) chips are tiny electronic mechanical sensors and actuators that solve a wide variety of modern problems. Their utilization is very popular and their use is expanding with time:...
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Investigating a developing mouse skull using Micro-CT

Surface Science Western and Alyssa Moore (Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Western Ontario) are using Micro-CT to image and analyze the bones and cartilages of developing mouse skulls to better understand skull development in normal and disrupted conditions. Alyssa aims to compare normally developed mouse...
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Use of Micro-CT with an in-situ Compression Testing Unit to Evaluate Responses of 3D Printed Elastomer Structures to Pressure

SSW recently installed a Zeiss Xradia 410 Versa Micro-CT and a Deben CT500 mechanical testing unit (soon to be upgraded to CT5000). With this instrument, SSW scientist Dr. Heng-Yong Nie has been collaborating with the research group of Professor Yu Liu at Jiangnan University to develop analytical approaches to understanding...
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