Surface Science Western

A consulting and research laboratory specializing in the analysis and characterization of surfaces and materials.

Exceptional Service

With over 250 people-years of experience and unparalleled interpretive skills, our researchers provide exceptional service to clients in many industry sectors, including energy and nuclear, mineral resources, health services, automotive, aerospace, environmental and electronics.

Industrial Solutions

SSW has a long history of service that has allowed it to develop a high level of expertise across a range of industry sectors. This is supported by precision instrumentation and unparalleled levels of service.

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Analytical Services

SSW offers clients a range of high quality services and cost-effective access to the latest in analysis technology and techniques.

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The high quality, reliable analytical services provided to our clients for over 30 years have facilitated development and production, decreased costly returns, innovated processes and increased profitability.
Our affiliations with skilled professionals at Western University and other complementary facilities extend our ability to solve production quality issues using state-of-the-art techniques.